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Pikaia Lodge nominated as “South America’s Leading Green Hotel 2012”

Since the Galapagos are famous for being Charles Darwin’s inspiration for his Evolution Theory and is still living proof of it, Evolution is the theme of Pikaia Lodge. With the lodge’s name, they honor the oldest known ancestors from which all modern mammals, fish and reptiles are descendant. The “pikaia gacilens” (visible also in the logo of Pikaia Lodge) are believed to be the first creature to evolve into a vertebrate during the Cambrian period some 500 million years ago.

Pikaia Lodge, opening in 2013,will be the first carbon-neutral luxury Lodge in Ecuador and one of the world’s most advanced lodges in terms of environmental management. We believe that Pikaia is a positive model for the long-term preservation of the unique landscapes, wildlife and communities of the Galapagos Islands.

With your help, Pikaia Lodge will show the world that luxury eco-adventure accommodation is evolving, giving our guests the highest levels of green standards without sacrificing luxury, in the real ecoLuxury style: Eco Excellence and Unique Experiences.

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