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Frégate Island: the Adopt-a-Tortoise program

Outstanding natural beauty, peaceful setting, tropical interiors and abundant nature fringed by seven dream beaches: that is Frégate Private Island. Here’s why the preservation, protection and nature of the island has been fundamental.

All the villas feature a large terrace with a private pool, Jacuzzi and a dinning pavilion with a private butler. The island’s own plantation and hydroponics guarantees fresh fruits and vegetables daily. The Rock Spa is a natural haven of serenity, where only pure, natural products are prepared from over 130 islands-grown ingredients.

The preservation, protection and nurture of its unique flora and fauna are fundamental: Frégate’s ecological program incorporated rehabilitation of surface terrain and flora after 200 years of intensive coconut plantation. This integrated approach produced astounding results.

Adopt a tortoise program

Frégate Island Private is back on track with the Adopt-a-tortoise programme in order to safeguard juvenile Aldabra Giant tortoises. Guest are encouraged to participate in the programme with a contribution of 100€ which will go towards biodiversity management and conservation of not only our giant tortoises but also of a number of endangered species on Frégate Island, including their mascot, the Seychelles Magpie Robin. A guest donation is also encouraged to support the fund. All guests that participate in this programme receive a certificate in recognition of their contribution.

The tortoise pen is increasingly forming part of the attraction of the island, and has become an integral part of the Nature Experience for the guests. To date there are over 100 tortoises in the pen. These are ranging from hatchling size to 10 kg in weight. When they reach the required size, they are released to join the wild herd on the island during a special ceremony conducted over the festive season.


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