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Vila Kalango, between luxury and sustainability

On the beach in Jericoacoara, Ceará, completely integrated with the local habitat and enclosed by coconut and cashew trees, the Vila Kalango and its 5000 m2 grounds have been bringing together charm, elegance and sustainability in a rustic setting for over twelve years. Located next to the famous Sunset Dune, the pousada’s 24 rooms are divided into apartments, bungalows and palafitas (chalets built 3m above the ground with columns made of eucalyptus).

The pousada was built with reforested wood and traditional materials. Its walls are made of clay bricks, the floors are made of muiracatiara wood, and the thatched roves are from the carnauba tree; all designed to perfect the natural ventilation and highlight the local culture. The decorations also have a sustainable side, and are either recycled goods or those made by its own employees and local artisans. Beyond increasing the guests’ environmental awareness, the decorations emphasize the simple life. The sink, for example, is made from a cooking pot, the faucet is bamboo, and the lampshades are made from the shells of coconuts; peculiarities that add a special touch, ecologically and harmoniously with the environment.

But, it’s not just the manner of construction – architecture and decoration – it’s that sustainability is present throughout the entire venture. The Vila Kalango is participating in the development of an organic garden to enrich the kitchens of the pousada. With the mission to reduce the quantity of garbage, the process is based on collecting organic garbage from the pousada and transforming it into compost for use in the garden. The garden is located on the grounds of the pousada Rancho do Peixe and belongs to the same owners as the Vila Kalango. It possesses all the technical parameters necessary for implementation and will be inaugurated July 1st when the pousada reopens for the season. Designed in the form of a mandala, the garden has various circles, one after another, and each with its own importance in the overall irrigation cycle.

The construction of the first three irrigation circles of the garden has already been started, and in total there will be twelve circles for the distribution of water. The central reservoir will be set aside to raise fish and ducks for the reutilization of all the natural resources for the enrichment of the soil. The reservoir will nourish other circles in the middle by means of a submersible pump with capacity of 2000 liters of water. The garden project is an integration of nature which seeks a high quality of life joined with a productive economy in an environmental equilibrium. The responsibility of practicing good citizenship in Jericoacoara and the region is a fulfillment of the pousada’s social function. All of the actions are, and continue to be, made jointly and in collaboration with Vila Kalango.

The organic garden is not the Vila Kalango’s first project. The owners and collaborators are always working to increase the awareness of a culture of environmental protection and sustainability; not only with the guests, but for the entire community to benefit. The Vila Kalango was also one of the pioneers in the practice of separating waste and recycling in Jericoacoara. All of the garbage is separated, both organic and inorganic, and the inorganic material is taken to its own recycling facility to be reprocessed. This process takes place in a neighboring municipality by a third party. After this process, the material is then transferred to a storage area where each type of material has its own destiny. In this storage facility, for example, the residues of plastic are transformed into irrigation hoses. These are then purchased by the Vila, hence completing the cycle of sustainability from beginning to end.

Furthermore, the Vila Kalango participates in diverse maintenance and upkeep projects in the village of Jericoacoara. These projects include the cultivation of gardens, group clean ups, wall paintings, and community meetings to continually make the region a better place. From the participants’ uniforms, which are made of recycled materials, to the support and sponsorship of events, each and every action aims to benefit Jericoacoara by continuing to be a paradise for its residents and for eco-sustainable tourism. These actions contribute to the community being concerned for the environment, and today there exists projects like the creation of a community garden for Jericoacoara and the region – which will be implemented by the Community Council of Jericoacoara.

The Vila Kalango believes in the realization of these sustainable actions and invests to further this aim, making the region of Jericoacoara more charming place.


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