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Construction of Pikaia Lodge at full Speed + Eco diversity Protection Program and Environmental Workshop

In February 2012 they started the construction on the top plateau of the main crater. At the present moment the laying of the concrete foundations for the main building, the 14 rooms and suites of stage one, the spa, service areas, water cisterns, reservoirs and pools have been practically concluded. Pikaia Lodge´s modern contemporary architecture design foresees the use of steel columns and beams, a highly recyclable material, in order to diminish the use of concrete as much as possible, which is a non-recyclable material that uses intensively wood, local mined aggregates, cement, fuel, etc. This results in a faster and less polluting construction method.

All the extracted material of the excavations and leveling of the site where donated to the Municipality of Santa Cruz for use at their works, avoiding this way the accumulation of waste construction materials. Other waste materials like plastic wastes, or spilling of contaminants like used oils, chemicals or fuel residues where not produced at all at the site. Beginning September they will start with the assembly of the steel structures. In the mean time the laying of all the sanitary and electrical installations at ground level will be in process. Not a single tree or wildlife habitat was affected by the construction, since the site was a former cattle ranch where all trees and habitats where cut down or severely affected. In the last years Pikaia Lodge team has planted more than 12.000 endemic trees and restored the ponds and grazing areas of the Giant tortoise habitats in the property.

Wildlife is back, and in great numbers.

ponds and grazing areas of the Giant tortoise habitats in the property

Protection of the ecosystem is in the basis of the Pikaia Lodge´s Concept, with this in mind they have inaugurated their very own Eco diversity Protection Program (Proyecto de Protección de la Biodiversidad Nativa de Galapagos), which will focus in reforesting the area surrounding the resort with endemic and native plans such as Matazarno and Guayabillo.

Pikaia Lodge Galapagos President, Herbert Frei, with local students during the reforestation program.

This project is executed in conjunction with local scholars who are currently active with the local eco-foundation “Fundar Galapagos”.  The main aim of this initiative is to connect with young students and give them the opportunity to experience how forests provide critical wildlife habitats and how these are crucial in the wellbeing of pristine environments, such as the Galapagos Islands.

Last, but not least, some weeks ago Pikaia Lodge held a Workshop with the workers in order to prevent negative impacts at the site, according to the Environmental Management Plan. The instructors, an independent Biologist and a member of the Galapagos National Park Service, instructed them about the fragility of the Galapagos ecosystems and the environmental regulations at place. The Workshops instructed the workers about the different ways that can be adopted in order to diminish environmental impacts and contributed to create a good feeling at the construction site and a shared responsibility to protect this fragile environment while we work here. The protection and restoration of the environment is placed at the highest level in their agenda.

The protection and restoration of the environment is placed at the highest level in their agenda.


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