ecoLuxury way


The Company and The Brand

ecoLUXURY™ has been designed as the new independent top quality endorsement  brand in the responsible luxury segment.

 It is a quality brand which potentially embraces different industries but has found its first and direct application in the hospitality and travel industry, where it has become under the trademark of ecoLUXURY retreats of the world”™ a leading and very selective collection of unique retreats in the world which offer authentic experiences whilst adopting the principles of sustainable business models.

Our values and commitment

ecoLUXURY™ is all about promoting and showcasing new business practices where you successfully combine the private entrepreneurial spirit of business management excellence with the principles of sustainability.

ecoLUXURY™ states that being eco-sensitive and socially responsible does not mean to compromise on quality or consumer experience. Actually it is exactly the opposite. Our commitment is to drive these values into the global community and different industries anto contribute in that way to a sustainable development of Society mainly by making a difference through a changed consumer behaviour. The difference will occur once consumers find out that “going green” does not mean to compromise on experience and quality.

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